Nano round the globe
A private channel for all participants in Round 2. It will be used for preparing and executing the event.
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Between 07-Sep-19 12:00 AM and 08-Sep-19 12:00 AM
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 02:04 AM
Sent to @@NewWestDad - Vancouver, Canada Sorry about the delay I was asleep when vitom sent it to me.
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 02:23 AM
No worries
NewWestDad - Vancouver, Canada 07-Sep-19 02:27 AM
sent to San Francisco
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 02:27 AM
Well done guys! 🍾
consensus 3
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:58 AM
Nano Around the Globe Run 3 - Countdown timer to Sat, 7 Sep 2019 13:00:00 +0000 (UTC)
πŸ‘Œ 1
10 hours left!
ehotch-SF 07-Sep-19 05:11 AM
consensus 1
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 05:37 AM
I’m sleeping now. Ask Lukas if you have any questions
😴 1
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 10:59 AM
Sent to Calogne.
lukas 07-Sep-19 11:15 AM
Received πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
fonso 07-Sep-19 12:04 PM
Guys i’ve been trying to use face id with natrium but the phone detection angle seems a bit prohibitive and particular. I think it’d be best for me to just go with 6-digit pin for reliability. My iphone doesn’t have touch id unfortunately. Anyone else using an iphone x or newer later?
ehotch-SF 07-Sep-19 12:09 PM
And to go with the pin if i recall correctly you have to delete Natrium and set it up again from the start
I had to do that last time
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 12:49 PM
@fonso use 6 zeros for quicker enter
lukas 07-Sep-19 01:22 PM
I'll do the same
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 01:24 PM
@Participant Run #3 double check that your balance is 0. We don’t want two Nanos passing around like last time.
πŸ‘ 5
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 02:04 PM
55 mins guys
πŸ‘Œ 1
fonso 07-Sep-19 02:33 PM
Turns out there’s no need to reinstall with the new version of natrium
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 02:44 PM
while we are patiently waiting, make sure you save batteries!
Jay 07-Sep-19 02:53 PM
Hey guys still super dark here in SF
Probably not light for another half hour
Bay bridge looks good tho
πŸ‘ 1
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 02:54 PM
that's fine, with setting up and warm up we will probably see sunrise close to when real rounds take place
fonso 07-Sep-19 02:56 PM
14 participants all-in-all including the coordinator?
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 02:56 PM
fonso 07-Sep-19 02:57 PM
I’m good to go
Oppenheimer | Rio - Brazil 07-Sep-19 02:57 PM
rah 07-Sep-19 02:57 PM
Does need to be in utc or local tz
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 02:57 PM
we are blessed with good weather today!
consensus 3
rah 07-Sep-19 02:58 PM
Jay 07-Sep-19 02:59 PM
What’s our eta to kick off first round?
fonso 07-Sep-19 03:00 PM
Maybe do a roll call?
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:01 PM
no eta, we need everyone to react to the comment in #private-announcements as roll call
consensus 2
lets patiently wait for others
harjeongkai 07-Sep-19 03:05 PM
3 mins
Vitom 07-Sep-19 03:05 PM
Japan ready
lukas 07-Sep-19 03:06 PM
Hey guys, I'm just arriving at my location. Will need a few more minutes. If you want, feel free to start without me
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:06 PM
oh no need
lukas 07-Sep-19 03:06 PM
I can participate in the practice round
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:06 PM
we are still waiting for a few more
consensus 1
lukas 07-Sep-19 03:07 PM
Alright cool
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:07 PM
waiting for count to reach 14 is kinda like waiting for v20 to hit 100% lol
πŸ˜‚ 5
πŸ˜… 2
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 03:08 PM
Iam out
Broke my phone stand
kilrizzy 07-Sep-19 03:08 PM
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:08 PM
oh sorry to hear!
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 03:08 PM
There's no other way m
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 03:08 PM
Because it wount fit vertically
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 03:08 PM
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:09 PM
ok lets establish 1 Nano between @tonybusco and @lukas first
Lukas you can just send to him
and Tony send back to Lukas
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 03:09 PM
tonybusco 07-Sep-19 03:09 PM
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 03:09 PM
I mounted mine the normal way (short side) and then pivoted the tripod to make it vertical.
fonso 07-Sep-19 03:10 PM
Compromise with a handheld video or phone?
lukas 07-Sep-19 03:18 PM
Sent to Accra
tonybusco 07-Sep-19 03:18 PM
Sent back
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:18 PM
remember to react in #private-announcements if you are ready @lukas @pooya
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 03:19 PM
Let's try
consensus 5
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:19 PM
ok @tonybusco you will still receive from Leeds
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 03:19 PM
tonybusco 07-Sep-19 03:19 PM
I'm sending to leeds (edited)
consensus 1
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 03:19 PM
He is sending to Leeds
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:19 PM
my bad!
consensus 1
fonso 07-Sep-19 03:20 PM
12 confirmations. Who are we missing coordinator?
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:20 PM
@Eddd Leeds UK react to the announcement if you are ready
Tehran is on site, lets wait a bit more
pooya 07-Sep-19 03:23 PM
πŸ‘ 1
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:23 PM
GO warm-up at 1:25
remember, no recording
πŸ‘ 5 gogogog
πŸ‘ 13
πŸ‘Ž 1
πŸ’© 2
remember, dont tell us the problem unless you need help from us
consensus 2
@lukas no chatting unless you have to
@Vitom no chatting
consensus 1
@Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS please send the Nano back to SF
we will do another warm up
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 03:30 PM
Already sent along to vc sorry.
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:30 PM
it's fine the same
in this case you should thumb down because you wouldnt get the footage
πŸ‘ 2
lukas 07-Sep-19 03:32 PM
Guys im out
Too much rain
😩 11
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:32 PM
ok lets establish 1 Nano between @Eddd Leeds UK and @pooya
im sending to Edd now
πŸ‘ 3
sent. Please send it to Tehran
πŸ‘ 1
@pooya then send back to Coordinator
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 03:33 PM
Is there anywhere indoors you can do it? @lukas
πŸ‘ 4
😍 1
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:35 PM
@Vitom you should be at by the time I mentioned. Dont linger in Discord. Dont come back to Discord until you pass the Nano or after the 4 min mark
πŸ‘ 2
consensus 2
Ok @Eddd Leeds UK send to Tehran this time
we are ready for another warm up
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 03:36 PM
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:36 PM
GO warm up at 9:37
no recording
πŸ‘ 5
πŸ‘ 13
πŸ‘Ž 1
πŸ’© 1
great guys
πŸŽ‰ 7
keep it up for the next round, with recording
@Vitom please only thumb up or down after you return from Natrium
consensus 1
no chatting btw
GO at 1:45PM with recording
πŸ‘ 9
rehearse mentally the steps you will perform
GOGOGO recording and
πŸ‘ 4
πŸ‘Ž 3
πŸ’© 2
swiping back to sender happened to me too, no worries
@Oppenheimer | Rio - Brazil you have the Nano now i think, send it back to SF please
consensus 2
Oppenheimer | Rio - Brazil 07-Sep-19 03:48 PM
Jay 07-Sep-19 03:48 PM
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:49 PM
hopefully people return to Discord at 1:49
πŸ‘ 5
GO at 1:50 (edited)
GOGOGOG and recording
πŸ‘ 13
πŸ‘Ž 1
πŸ’© 1
no thumbs down, footage all good!
πŸŽ‰ 6
πŸ‘Œ 1
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 03:54 PM
One moe
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:54 PM
great job guys no chatting
consensus 1
yup one more
@Eddd Leeds UK do you mean your footage wasnt good?
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 03:54 PM
Was good but just in case
πŸ‘ 2
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:54 PM
fonso 07-Sep-19 03:54 PM
There was one thumbs down?
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 03:54 PM
We was very good
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 03:55 PM
that thumb down was mine
πŸ‘ 1
k no more chatting
πŸ‘ 2
GO at 2:00PM
πŸ‘ 12
with one success under the belt, much less pressure this time i hope πŸ˜„
try to speed up the manual sending part if you can and recording GOGOGOGOGO
πŸ‘ 13
πŸ‘Ž 1
πŸ’© 1
lukas 07-Sep-19 04:02 PM
I'll join next round
πŸ‘ 8
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:03 PM
@Eddd Leeds UK send to Lukas this time, you should still have the history
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 04:03 PM
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:03 PM
great job guys! second success!
πŸ‘ 9
πŸ˜… 4
consensus 6
GO at 2:05 (edited)
πŸ‘ 10
πŸ‘ 12
πŸ‘Ž 2
πŸ’© 1
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 04:07 PM
1 more
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:08 PM
GO at 2:10
πŸ‘ 10
πŸ‘ 6
πŸ‘Ž 4
πŸ’© 2
@lukas send it back to SF
Jay 07-Sep-19 04:13 PM
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:13 PM
keep in mind guys, I know it's tempting, but dont swipe on incoming transaction. Have your receiver in mind
consensus 3
rah 07-Sep-19 04:13 PM
Should be the 2nd address when you receive it
consensus 1
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 04:14 PM
Do again
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:14 PM
GO at 2:15 (edited)
πŸ˜‚ 6
πŸ‘ 7
πŸ‘ 7
πŸ‘Ž 2
πŸ’© 1
@harjeongkai yes?
harjeongkai 07-Sep-19 04:16 PM
bad footage soryy couldn't start in time
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:16 PM
oh it's fine you just need the sending part to be good
no need to be that precise about part
you can still go back
pooya 07-Sep-19 04:17 PM
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:17 PM
no problem
Jay 07-Sep-19 04:18 PM
Received from Iran
pooya 07-Sep-19 04:18 PM
No no wait
πŸ‘ 1
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:18 PM
STOP (edited)
if you dont need other's help no need to tell us the problem
just tell us when you are ready again
also guys if you are a bit late for it's fine. Just make sure to switch to Natrium at 30 sec mark, and have good footage during and after the sending part (sending plus 10s)
πŸ‘ 5
rah 07-Sep-19 04:20 PM
Let's go team, this is a world's premiere. Concentrate, stay calm and all will go right. We can do this!
πŸ‘ 7
consensus 5
❀ 3
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:21 PM
Let's not make Lukas feel left out guys
pooya 07-Sep-19 04:22 PM
Ok i am ready
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:22 PM
GO at 2:25
πŸ‘ 10
consensus 3
πŸ‘ 13
πŸ‘Ž 1
πŸ’© 1
if no one objects, final round
πŸ‘ 13
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 04:28 PM
So listen guys first 5 videos I got black lines over screen last 2 no lines
fonso 07-Sep-19 04:28 PM
Fps issue?
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:29 PM
@Jay recieved?
Jay 07-Sep-19 04:29 PM
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:29 PM
GO at 2:30
πŸ‘ 12
keep recording for 10s
after sending
πŸ‘ 13
πŸ‘Ž 2
πŸ’© 1
Jay 07-Sep-19 04:33 PM
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:33 PM
GO at 2:35
πŸ‘ 12
πŸ‘ 11
πŸ‘Ž 2
πŸ’© 1
@Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS please return Nano to SF
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 04:39 PM
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:40 PM
Can we stay for one more try?
πŸ‘ 4
consensus 8
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 04:40 PM
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 04:40 PM
I need to replace a camera barrery
kilrizzy 07-Sep-19 04:40 PM
Last for me
Jay 07-Sep-19 04:40 PM
Stop sending messages guys please
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:40 PM
yeah just tell me if you cant
πŸ‘ 10
@Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS tell me when you are ready
Jay 07-Sep-19 04:42 PM
I received.001 from Australia
I need 1
And there might be .99 floating around
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 04:42 PM
Oh shit. Sorry! I'll send it back.
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:43 PM
it's all fine, it's a good time right now to take deep breath
GO at 2:45 (edited)
πŸ‘ 11
consensus 5
Lets make this one count
mentally rehearse
πŸ˜… 2
πŸ‘ 6
πŸ‘Ž 5
πŸ’© 1
pooya 07-Sep-19 04:47 PM
SD card full
Ready now
πŸ‘ 4
Jay 07-Sep-19 04:48 PM
lukas 07-Sep-19 04:49 PM
Guys I gotta change location (edited)
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:49 PM
Who needs to leave or a break?
πŸ™‹ 3
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 04:49 PM
I have 8% battery
So if I take a break I'm out.
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 04:49 PM
Iam going too
tonybusco 07-Sep-19 04:49 PM
My camera battery is 10%
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 04:49 PM
Cool guys we can repeat in case first rounds was good
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 04:49 PM
I can do one more.
πŸ‘ 3
rah 07-Sep-19 04:50 PM
Still got plenty battery
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:50 PM
Ok @Participant Run #3 check the footage from 2:25
consensus 7
make sure the sending part is good
Who needs to drop out now?
πŸ™‹ 5
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 04:51 PM
I only got 5s of recorded. Accidentally hit record at 2:25:25 but the TX is recorded fine.
πŸ‘ 6
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:52 PM
Report about your footage at 2:25
πŸ‘ 10
πŸ‘Ž 1
using emojis
tonybusco 07-Sep-19 04:53 PM
Pressed cancel by mistake at 2:25 but quick to correct, otherwise video is good
consensus 2
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:53 PM
no problem
NewWestDad - Vancouver, Canada 07-Sep-19 04:53 PM
checking .....
tonybusco 07-Sep-19 04:53 PM
Battery 7%- maybe can squeeze 1 more try
NewWestDad - Vancouver, Canada 07-Sep-19 04:53 PM
1 min
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:53 PM
looks like at least 4 people are out
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 04:53 PM
I can do one more.
fonso 07-Sep-19 04:54 PM
Looks like not an option anymore. Just use another time’s sending footage?
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:54 PM
i think people need to leave now
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 04:54 PM
Sorry. 2:25 is perfect.
πŸ˜ƒ 4
πŸš€ 6
πŸŽ‰ 2
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:54 PM
if no one's 2:25 has a problem
rah 07-Sep-19 04:54 PM
Dude the emotional rollercoaster
πŸ† 1
πŸ˜‚ 2
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:54 PM
Thats the success round with Lukas!
πŸŽ‰ 4
consensus 3
NewWestDad - Vancouver, Canada 07-Sep-19 04:55 PM
2:25 footage perfect here
πŸ‘ 1
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:55 PM
and we have two success rounds without Lukas
consensus 3
fonso 07-Sep-19 04:55 PM
Bryanwag feel free to advise which rounds you want uploaded. I think uploading everything will be too much for you
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 04:55 PM
My phone is about to die.
I gotta go now.
rah 07-Sep-19 04:55 PM
Thanks a lot everyone!
Jay 07-Sep-19 04:55 PM
Our footage is great
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:55 PM
You guys rocked today!
πŸ‘ 3
fonso 07-Sep-19 04:56 PM
Ok bye all and thanks
Jay 07-Sep-19 04:56 PM
We are out!
NewWestDad - Vancouver, Canada 07-Sep-19 04:56 PM
Thanks guys. You're awesome
Oppenheimer | Rio - Brazil 07-Sep-19 04:56 PM
Well, if we have all good, ill go back to my cave
πŸ‘Œ 1
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:56 PM
so much better than last time!!
consensus 3
pooya 07-Sep-19 04:56 PM
Thanks everyone (edited)
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:56 PM
proud of everyone here, it's a phenomenal event to pull off with 13 participants!
πŸ‘ 5
rah 07-Sep-19 04:57 PM
So exhilarating to see the thumbs go up
Jay 07-Sep-19 04:57 PM
The bridge looked amazing today!! 😍😍
consensus 7
😍 1
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:57 PM
@Participant Run #3 you are dismissed, drive/travel safe home, and i will give upload instructions later
consensus 9
Oppenheimer | Rio - Brazil 07-Sep-19 04:57 PM
Bye guys 😘
NewWestDad - Vancouver, Canada 07-Sep-19 04:58 PM
Thanks for the amazing coordination Bryan.
πŸ’― 6
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 04:58 PM
dont delete any footage guys
lukas 07-Sep-19 04:58 PM
Thanks guys!
❀ 8
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 05:02 PM
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 05:05 PM
just an oddly satisfying screenshot of the second success without Lukas
consensus 8
Vitom 07-Sep-19 05:05 PM
consensus 6
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 05:09 PM
So professional
lukas 07-Sep-19 05:12 PM
I just wanna go somewhere warm and get dry πŸ™ˆ So much rain and thunderstorm... πŸ˜…
consensus 1
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 05:14 PM
@lukas treat your self today!
Oppenheimer | Rio - Brazil 07-Sep-19 05:15 PM
I know how you feel, last time I came back to my house wet with rain and now I came back wet with sweat, but it was worth it πŸ˜…
πŸ˜‚ 3
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 05:16 PM
Nano is fast
consensus 1
lukas 07-Sep-19 05:16 PM
Yup, everything's soaked. Just checked the 2:25 footage though and it's great πŸ‘πŸ»
πŸ‘Œ 4
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 06:11 PM
I sent my helper 1 Nano in the car on the way home and he couldn't believe how fast it was.
You really do have to experience it to believe/admire it.
ehotch-SF 07-Sep-19 06:20 PM
Fantastic job everyone. This really is a spectacular achievement.
Once again major respect to @bryanwag for sophisticated, detailed, persistent and patient coordination
πŸ’― 5
Amazing job.
If you ever apply for a spaceX or nasa mission control position I will gladly write you a letter of recommendation
consensus 5
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 06:27 PM
Hahahaha I will take your offer
πŸ˜‚ 2
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 06:29 PM
πŸ’― @ehotch-SF
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 06:30 PM
Yeah we all smashed it and it was only cause of Bryan. Round of applause
πŸ‘πŸΎ 8
πŸ‘ 8
πŸ‘πŸ» 7
πŸ‘πŸ½ 7
πŸ‘πŸΏ 7
Eddd Leeds UK 07-Sep-19 06:32 PM
Well done guys! Happy days I uploaded videos as well
Brendan22 - Melbourne, AUS 07-Sep-19 06:32 PM
I'll do it tomorrow. It's 2:30am in Melbourne (edited)
πŸ’― 3
bryanwag 07-Sep-19 06:33 PM
@Eddd Leeds UK still need 2:25 from you
oh its there now
consensus 1
Json 07-Sep-19 07:47 PM
I did not record the nanostream this time but like Brian I got one screenshot (from a late recording) at least. Nice work πŸ™‚ (edited)